Keith Drury – Lincoln Moon Dance (small)


Edition – 295

Image Size  – 16″ x 16″

Medium – Paper Edition




Keith Drury Art Ltd was honoured to have had the opportunity to present a limited edition London Way artwork to HRH Princess Anne in London in April this year. The presentation was made personally in a private meeting at Buckingham Palace with Dr Kennedy Hongo, a high-ranking Kenyan government official, who has worked on humanitarian projects supported by HRH as part of her charitable efforts in Africa. Princess Royal was excited and intrigued by the London scene and afterwards, Keith received a personal letter from her Private Secretary, Captain Nick Wright, sending her gratitude and best wishes for the future. Personally we suspect she may only have liked it because her Mum’s house was featured in the artwork.

Keith Drury’s When I Dream art series has become one of the top-selling range of artworks for many of the UK’s largest city galleries with some series’ sold out within a year. More recently Keith’s artwork appeared in the TV series ‘The Fall’ with Gillian Anderson. As an art style it is unquestionably quirky and contemporary in its interpretation of the urban landscape and yet it refuses to be compromised, each artwork being created with meticulous attention to detail. Months of exacting work go into each picture and so the artworks often yield surprises to those who are eagle-eyed or use magnifying glasses! Each print is a top quality Giclee print on acid-free paper – each one printed at the studio itself and not outsourced.

Keith’s art has received a public national commission and is on permanent display to the public in Belfast City Hall. Commercially his art has found its way into every world continent, appeared in advertising campaigns, Jigsaws and luxury chocolate tins. His art has been used by the rich and famous but is created simply to be enjoyed and to be a talking point on anyone’s wall. Perhaps we could summarise Keith’s art by amending Oscar Wilde’s famous expression Art is too important to be taken seriously!

Keith can not remember a time when he did not draw or make ‘stuff’ but his introduction into the more serious art world began when the owner of a prestigious gallery took Keith under his wing lending him works of international artists to take home and copy. On return, the gallery owner would assess Keith’s style and then test him with something completely different. Now Keith after years of trying new things and mediums has developed his own unique style.

Keith has been approached by a number of the UK’s largest art publishers but has resolved to remain completely independent as an artist although he has partnered with several art publishers where his independence has not been compromised.

This is a very common question. Whilst are tempted to say ‘by magic’ or because ‘the Fairies made us do it,’ in reality it is created by a lot of painstaking hours spent making little models in intricate detail. Everything you see in the picture is a model, even the clouds are transparent models which are sculpted. The only exception is the stars – we tried modelling them but weren’t happy with the result. That said, in some pictures, the moon is a model. The little video below which demonstrates making a model helps you understand the process. In this picture, we are roughing out a section of a model which will appear in one of the artworks. You will see from the video that the process is a completely free hand creative process, with every shape simply depending on how the artist desires to shape the object.

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